Fruit Hats

Check out our fun and crazy fruit and vegetable hats. These are all-time favourites. You cannot go wrong with our colourful array of fruit and vegetables.

We have the best ever selection of funky fruit and vegetable hats. Try our delicious strawberry, classic banana, crunchy apple, mouth-watering pear, purple eggplant, elegant artichoke, zesty orange, zingy lemon, juicy watermelon, summer melon, orange pumpkin, ripe tomato hats and many more.

These hats are great for Spring and Autumn celebrations, wedding parties, harvest festivals, any event where you want to jazz things up with a bit of colour and fantasy fun.     We have the best ideas for parties at The Funky Hat. Give wings to your imagination, and see where it will take you!

Throw a colorful party with our Fruit, Vegetable funny hats! At the The Funky Hat, we have the best ideas for your parties:  fruits and vegetables hats are a good choice for great fun!

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