Funny hats with The Funky Hat

Welcome to The Funky Hat!! This is the place to find unique and original hats. We make foam hats in all shapes, colors and sizes for all kinds of events. They are fun, soft and light, comfortable and easy to wear , and they always look fantastic. We cover all kinds of costume occasions : wedding parties, carnival parties, reunions, birthday parties, stag and hen parties and goodbye parties. Explore our creative catalogue and find a fun hat for that special party. You´ll look great at any party !! Let the magic of The Funky Hat carry you away and make you the soul of the party. When you put on one of our irresistible hats your feet will start to tap and dance...and you will be ready to make that party swing. We sell a wide variety of hats at The Funky Hat. Try our colourful mouth-watering fruit and vegetable hats, our edible food hats, or our cool hats that come in amazing shapes and sizes. Find that wild and funny wig to make that perfect costume. These hats are real icebreakers, they will make your party rock!!

We also make foam hats for theater costumes, company events and for individuals looking for something special and custom-made. Design that perfect hat just the way you want it. Give wings to your imagination. We design oversized objects for special events, as well as foam hands for sports events. If you cannot find what you want, we can invent it!!! All our hats are unique and hand-made in Spain with love.